Blast Frozen Product

Consider the fact that under ideal conditions, harmful food based bacteria can multiply once every 20 minutes or so.  In a span of 12 hours, over 69 million Bacteria are capable of growing on food surfaces.  Every time you freeze a food product it must pass through the 'danger zone' as it cools from 150 degrees Fahrenheit to below 41 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is crucial that food passes through this stage of freezing as quickly as possible.  Blast Freezing and Chilling is the method of rapid heat removal, typically by means of convection in which cold air is circulated over the product.  This method quickly seals the outer layer of food products prohibiting bacteria growth and preventing product dehydration.  The process must happen quickly enough to prevent ice crystals from forming (commonly reffered to as freezer burn) and also preserves food texture and consistency.


All meat is custom cut to specific instructions of the owner.  We vacuum package all of our products to assure the best freezer life is possible.  All meat is labeled and boxed with a closed top to assure no product is lost or damaged.  Product will be blast frozen to assure flavor and appearance are not compromised.

Food Safety

We have implemented a 3 part sanitation procedure.  For more information please visit our Food Safety section.