Pick Up Policy

All orders have to be picked up within 7 days of the first date of notification. You will be contacted once at the time of completion of the order. All tickets now have a $100.00 refundable storage added to the ticket at drop-off or pick-up. It is only refunded if the entire order is picked up within the 7 days of first notifcation.

Any product left after the seven days automatically will belong to "Going's Custom Meat Processing".


Return Policy

All claims must be made within 7 days of product receipt.  Product must be returned to us for inspection.  At the time that product is returned and we determine that the products freshness or workmanship is in question, we will replace it with a product of greater or equal value.  No Cash Refunds will be given.  No out of pocket expenses will be considered.  Please take into consideration that we have no control of meat taste since we have not had control of what has been fed.  We only have control of workmanship and freshness.